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About Us


About the House of the Archangels

The archangels are spiritual beings of great power who stand ready to give their loving assistance to each of us, our families and our communities.

Aside from the countless spiritual references affirming their reality and their service to humanity, we at the House of the Archangels have experienced their intercession in our personal lives many times.

And we strongly believe that as more people start placing their attention upon the archangels and enlisting their aid, they can overcome their greatest challenges, receive blessings of hope, love and joy and even witness miracles.

That is why our mission is to spread greater awareness of these majestic beings and bring them into the lives of millions.

We strive to facilitate this divine exchange through our offerings of angelic fine art, books, products and spiritual education; and we are 100% dedicated to helping you bring the archangels in your life to the degree your desire.

And so, we warmly invite you to browse our website, shop your favorite products and drop us a note using the “Contact Us” form. We would be delighted to hear from you.

May the archangels be with you always.


George Makris & Marius Michael-George

Founders, House of the Archangels, Inc.

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About Marius

Marius Michael-George is a classically trained visionary artist and art teacher. Through his art, he seeks to inspire people and open portals to higher realms.

Marius came to America from Bucharest, Romania, as a young artist. Today, he resides and creates his art in Paradise Valley, Montana.

Marius studied with Frank Mason at the Art Students League in New York City and was also trained in the system of classical realism at Atelier LeSueur and Atelier Lack in Minneapolis. His original oil paintings and murals are found in public and private collections across North and South America, Australia and Europe and all artwork is published internationally as prints and cards.

Marius’ art is represented by numerous international publishers, including Hay House Inc., Leanin’ Tree, Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards, Ullstein Verlag, Wrage GmbH, Amber Lotus, Dynavision Japan and many others.


Marius Michael-George


About George

George Makris is a visionary self-help author who teaches people how to create small miracles in their lives by tapping into the power of the archangels. His book The Miracle Power of the Archangels: A New Way to Fulfill Your Dreams by Easily Tapping into Divine Help will be available in January of 2024.

George also serves as an executive advisor to CEOs in the health, wellness and nonprofit industries.

George moved to America from Cyprus after winning a college scholarship and has lived there ever since. He is an eternal optimist who believes in a better tomorrow.

His upcoming books include You Can Live Longer and Better: A Holistic Approach and The Greatest Secret of All Ages: A Spiritual Adventure.


George, Cofounder of House of the Archangels


Studio Where the Angelic Art Is Created

Nestled in a secluded spot in Montana and surrounded by pine trees and wildlife, this is the art studio where Marius Michael-George creates his sacred art.


Testimonials About the Artist

“Marius, you will go down in history as a master artist of our time. Your art brings so much beauty and love to the world. Thank you so much for creating them. Much love to you.”



“The connection I have with these beautiful pics is just pure joy and such a blessing. You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it.”

Annemarie Fisher


“There are no words to express how grateful I am to you. Thank you for being here on this planet now and filling it with so much angelic light and love! Mahalo!”



“You are such a gift. It’s hard to put into words the love I feel from your amazing paintings. Your work has helped me connect with the angels in a very powerful way. I am forever grateful.”



“Thank you for bringing on Earth this angelic energy and sharing your amazing talent and work with us.”

Mirela Gonciulea


“You are a fantastic artist. The angels hold your hand when you paint. I am very privileged to send you this, a big hello from me, Reni, in Australia. Thanks for everything, LOVE. Reni Cassidy


“Thank You Marius for all your do. The energy you imbue in your work is so full of Light, Love, Grace and Power, and how you have developed as such a skilled artist is amazing. I am in admiration of your gift to humanity and can only imagine how many homes and hearts have been touched.”



Dear Marius, thank you for being the incredible human being you are and gracing our planet with your love and incredible painting talents!! Your artwork is incredible, uplifting and beautiful to behold. You are a true renaissance man, and your vision is bringing more peace to our planet! Every time I see one of your paintings your love just uplifts my day!



“Indeed, you are a breath of fresh air amongst the turmoil of this planet. The beauty of your works overshadows any negativity.”

Klaus Reichel


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