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Here Are 7 Reasons Why Buying Our Angel Art Is a Great Investment


1: You experience the light

“My heartfelt thanks for allowing me to take a peek inside of your light-filled visions of God's magnificent messengers through your art.

“The light! Such light!

“May you be blessed with many, many more visions of our winged benefactors.”



2: You feel the love

“Your beautiful paintings fill me with so much love that tears stream from my eyes.

“It is the spiritual connecting that is at the heart of every one of your paintings.

“You are a healer for humanity, healing the mind, body, and soul.”

—Carol Anne Stacey


3: You enjoy the beauty

“I just wanted to say that the pictures I received are so beautiful!!

“The prints I ordered from your website are beautifully detailed, and very, very sacred to me.

“Thank you so much for giving the world your gift of such beauty!”

—Anna Gosling


4: You get top quality prints

Our art prints are professional top-quality reproductions. What’s more, the digital files we use to print each piece of artwork were color corrected by Marius for the closest possible match to the original oil paintings.

Here are the details on the two print options available to you:

a) Art Prints

Our art prints are printed on premium photo paper with semi-archival inks. They are guaranteed to not fade for 25 years.

b) Museum Quality Archival Prints

Our museum quality archival prints are printed on premium acid-free archival paper, using the latest fine art, seven-color digital technology. According to lab tests performed by Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc., the world leader in image-longevity testing, these archival prints will last 200 years without any visible change in color quality.

(Please try to keep prints away from direct sunlight.)

Finally, here are the words of Travis Bradach, one of our loyal customers, on print quality:

“I wanted to express how much I love the three prints I received today. They are just gorgeous!

The detail is tremendous; the color is so rich; and adding the glossy finish really makes them shine with a beautiful radiance.

“It is my honor and good pleasure to frame your prints and put them on my walls, as they make great focuses of light in my home and on my altar.”

And Jeanne had this to add:

“Today, I received my shipment of three prints.

“They are breathtaking and very meaningful to me.

The internet pictures of them do not do them justice!”


5: You secure reasonable prices

Did you know we haven’t raised our prices for over 10 years?


Because we want everyone to bring the light, love and beauty of the archangels to their home without money being an obstacle.

As Ronelle, another customer, said:

“The images you create are absolutely stunning!

They will now grace the walls of my home.

And you offer them reasonably priced.

“I look forward to purchasing your entire collection!!!”

We can’t promise we won’t raise the prices this year, but for now the prices are reasonably priced indeed.


6: You take advantage of free shipping in the US

Pay nothing for shipping in the United States when your order is at least $50.


7: You have access to great customer support

Do you need help placing an order? Have a question about shipping?

Just use the "Contact Us" form to email or call us within office hours, which are 9 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time. Our friendly US-based support team is happy to assist.